Sunday, October 23, 2016

VERDUN Spain & Portugal Tour Fall 2016 - Part 1. Spain - Color

Sometimes I'm Verdun's sound engineer. Therefore, i always bring a camera on tour. You won't see any pictures of the band performing live though, I'm sorry for that, cause I'm behind my desk, doing my "job".

   Montpellier, start


    Underground, Barcelona

   Church, Cordoba

   Old School, Cordoba


   Blue hall




   Detective Flob Flob Flob

   Lost paradise, after party


   Hang on!

   On our way back   

   Every plant can hide a detective

Monday, October 17, 2016

On tour with Zëro

Sometimes, I'm Zëro sound engineer. I love to do that. As soon as my tour with Verdun was over, I took a flight from Porto to Lyon to join them for a last minute rehearsal. They asked me to play "Uprising" and "Fast Car", two of my favorite songs of the band. I felt really thrilled about that! Thanks again.

   Trash on fire

   Rehearsal room




   5 minutes after the baseball bat

   Waiting room


    Home made panini


   L'usine, Genève


   Buildings & posters


   I told you so!

   Poor neighborhood

   Third World



   Who's the boss?

   Starring at me?

   Let's get the fuck outta here!

   20$ Necklace

   Too Clean

   School bus
   My real job